Bring ideas into being. Escaping the ordinary.

To realize a fashion project, as a clothing line or accessory line. To create a company gift, a representative merchandising or even a unique object dedicated to a single event. To achieve a design or decor project so to create or renew indoor or outdoor environment, embracing furniture or just the decorative or green side. To design from the early beginning your home, your place, your office.

This and much more is the Gruppo Mi.e goals of activity. We will be your eyes, your hand or your mind on any projects, even already started, focusing on an accurate oversight in each single process steps such as on a problem solving skill, against any kind of critical issues.

This and that. But at top-level.

From the very first product or project brainstorming, Gruppo Mi.e is a serious creative and eager partner who, matching technical and creative skills of different professional figures, is able to move and step into several different fields always offering personalized solutions based on custom made clients’ needs, requirements or desires.

To approach Gruppo Mi.e is synonym of being aware to find one or more skilled professionals ready to achieve values, ideas and positivity to projects, such as to find a reference person ready to take the leads on your behalf to close ideas into real projects and products. In the shortest timing, with excellent results.

Keyword: reliability. In everyway.

As any group, also Gruppo Mi.e is a team. Different persons, with different point of views, different creative solutions, different excellent skills and of course different operative methods. Only starting from a such kaleidoscopic melting pot, rich of uncommon creative and stylistic contaminations, of productive inputs and vibrant ideas, exchanges and meetings can eagerly stand out that original and authentic pure feature of our work. Features of what we do.

Since in the kaleidoscopic business field, above all in creativity, to be unique should be so important, is to be realiable that makes the difference.