Home Decor

Are you not yet convinced that your space has the right allure ?

Among the furniture selection, the palette struggling, the fabric matching and the art on wall arrangement, it’s true that thousands of small and big decisions exist and should be taken with the chance to give life to a perfect environment for your home or any space you desire.

Every single small detail, as the frame height on wall, the rug size, the book placement, the wall colour or the infinite research of the chromatic pendat among all the design objects can truly change the indoor allure.

If you are nowadays furnishing your home but the result is not exactly what you had inmond, we are here for you. In the meantime let’s have a quick glimpse to these common mistakes:

#To choose the wrong rug size

#To block natural incoming light

#An oversize dinner talbel

#To select white walls all home around

#To set up a small place with dark furniture

#To think that everyng has to match

#To focus only on colour palette and not on fabric samples

#To furnish a room with too many pieces

#To choose fashion but not comfy furniture pieces

#To follow trends too much

Have you already done all the above mentioned steps? So…. what do you think to value “together” what we real could do “together”?

Our team is at your disposal! contact us  designdecor@gruppomie.it

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