A new meeting point among fashion, design and home decor.

Gruppo Mi.e is a fashion, design & decor hub completely made in Italy that skillfully joins passion, competence and professionality along with a great creativity; a business strategic contact network to reach any worldwide niche and a group of professionals skilled to efficiently crisscross any field to give life to the project, from Luxury Fashion to Interior Design, embracing the changeability and beauty that can happen into the pathway. So to transform them into opportunities.

Architects, buyers, stylists, landscape designers, interior decorators are ultimately side by side as a team able to design, to create, to realize and to build up inputs and seeds ideas, following step by step the production chain in its fullness so to aim the goal of a complete product or project target to client.

One in a million reference.

If it is true that creativity, competence and professionality are the must to have, it is also true that for any national or international clients referring to Gruppo Mi.e, what truly makes the difference is the possibility to gain a dedicated account, a unique reference person to harmonize and organize any project steps and all the selected engaged professionals to accomplish performance and timing.

Efficiency, timeliness and problem solving are qualities we submit in return of full clients’ trust; the only way to live the work as a pleasure. For everyone.

A borderless field.

The Gruppo Mi.e headquarter is in the Milan area, the design and fashion capital, where even stronger are the creative flows background of our job… but thanks to a real melting pot of creative, productive and linguistic competences and thanks to an extensive trade network, we are able to develop and improve worldwide business connections, for our Italian clients export desire, such as for our foreign clients’ will to get in contact with the Italian world.

It’s exactly this, the real value of our HUB: the ability to create connections to be developed and extended giving life to new relations. To spread creativity, satisfaction and profits, in all directions.


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