Personalization & Tailoring

Personalizzazione e Sartorialità, conventionally a badge of honor of the made in italy, are the interpretation of personalization and tailoring, issues dear to Mrs. Franca Sozzani, the Vogue Italia incomparable Director.  The Italian Fashionist Lady recognized the unique importance of the silent army of women and men always in the shades, but clearly without whom everything will not be possible.

Creativity and dexterity are the bases of personalization and tailoring, a double combo that our professionals are devoting to our clients, to potentially fulfill even better the clients’ expectations. To connect the different styles to the perfect item of clothing, to enhance the strengths of the cloth and of the body shape, to conceal or to modify those details we are not so much in love with, that are often too much or not in line with the client’s imagination…

All this is the backstage of a unique and incredible result through the fabric selection, the colour identification, the pattern choice, through embroideries, printings, ornaments, accessories…. Where for a t-shirt case could be a personalization for your wedding guests such as a complete t-shirt line reserved to the selling market.

The details attention  makes the difference, and as Picasso used to say: “Dopo tutto un’opera d’arte non si realizza con le idee, ma con le mani”.

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