Why Personalization is the key of Recruiting ?

In recruiting, personalization means to dedicate time in searching and hunting potential talented collaborators, so to identify aspects of their background (experiences, interests, instruction, position, etc.) that could be suitable to “personalize” our operating zone and get involved into our final clients’ satisfaction.

We do not approach to a classic selective interview, which at times turns out to be a weak process to recognize the best talents with a proved expertise, indeed we love the idea to test the candidate’s skills to better so to reach the person with a knack for the that single role.

If you are freaky & unconventional, we are looking for you!

Pls get in contact by mail to info@gruppomie.it  and send a CV or the most creative lifestyle and working presentation and we will be proud to have a chat at first hand.

° Carlo & Veronica °

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln