Xmas Decor

We know it, you are craving so much to finally have in that particular house corner a beautiful christmas tree as you have always cherished on magazines or at that best friend’s house famous for her sublime xmas decoration touch…. but you do not have time, or merely the willing or better the patience!

Your job, the daily life together with husbands, wifes, kids and our adorable pets do not allow you to even think to spend time for that unspoken passion that pumps in your veins, but this desire exhists and sooner or later you will do it, we are sure!

We are ready to support you at our best, being your Santa’s elves so to come up to your exclusive wishes through xmas trendy colours 2018, through secrets to set up xmas trees, livings, roof tops and garden thanks to warm xmas lights that will light up your eyes and your soul.

An elegant  xmas tree, a cozy one, or a themed one either mignon or 3 mt high will likewise engage you for concept and timing, for decoration selection, for object and space proportion to set up the perfect harmony which reflects your home mood.

We will do it for you, one time or all the times you want !

Our xmas guru will reveal the more suitable lights for you, how to settle them on the tree branches, how to choose the proper decorations to set up a perfect xmas tree in your favorite style, such as how to create charming and unique gift wrappings, and much much more !

Do not hesitate to finally live your personal desire realization, for your home sweet home, for your shop window, for your office or for a special event.

Learn from us to decorate, and then enjoy!

Our team is at your disposal! contact us  designdecor@gruppomie.it

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