Exterior Design

The gardener is the one able to compose and to create a garden knowing the real plants features and theirs characteristic, along with the great mastery of the materials.

The landscaper creates and give life to beautiful gardens through the space proportion, the rhythm and the repetition of single elements; the created environments can reveal many steps, not only illustrating the green planning, but also culture, art, painting in continue connection one to the other.

The feeling and the attention towards every single detail in beauty, typical of the Italian design, together with the gardening technique are the secrete ingredients.

To represent gardening, to restore it and to replicate it , it’s an art.

The garden, the roof garden or the space you prefer to reserve yourself it’s not just an easy trees, bushes and flowers composition; on the contrary it’s a space balance that will reflect the personality of whom is living there, synonym of harmony desired by everyone of us once keen to live our own green space.

One or the other professional, what do you think to value “together” what we real could do “together”?

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