Xmas 2019
am showroom opening ing

A Xmas Elf only for you !

We know it, you are craving so much to finally have in that particular house corner a beautiful christmas tree as you have always cherished on magazines or at that best friend’s house famous for her sublime xmas decoration touch….…
summer break 2019

Gruppo Mi.e Summer Break 2019

Have a super Summer! ! Once back we will be ready to give life to new projects after a creative, productive and organized “recharge batteries” stop…
sammontana summer tour

Sammontana Summer tour 2019

For a summer full of fun, the Sammontana Summer tour touches the most beautiful beaches and pools in Italy, with set-ups and games designed, produced and managed as in previous years by the agency Just people . The Sammontana Summer Tour…
incoming details salone 2019
invito meroni colzani 2019
luxury parma